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We are seeking HIGH QUALITY writers who want to spread THEIR name and reputation throughout the Internet. VegasNewsChannel.com articles get immediately indexed in Google and are read and subscribed to by thousands throughout the world as well as many influential people and organizations in Las Vegas.

Specifically, we are looking for writers who:

  • Write Reviews of Las Vegas Entertainment, Shows, Restaurants, Hotels, etc.
  • Provide coverage of Las Vegas News and events which affect the people of Las Vegas and Conventions being held in Las Vegas.
  • Write opinions and commentary on events which affect the people of Las Vegas. These can be Government, political, business or social in nature and encourage discussion from readers.
  • Can consult with and write about business organizations, restaurants, hotels, shows and entertainment from a Promotional perspective.
  • Know how to and are not afraid to promote themselves and the articles they write. In other words, they want to develop a following and willing to work at doing it.

If you feel the above points describe you, then VegasNewsChannel.com is the perfect place to post your Las Vegas based Reviews, News Events and Opinions (otherwise known as commentary). Check out these points

  1. All Accepted posts remain the sole property of the author.  You can still use your stories wherever you see fit.
  2. All articles are submitted via email. No need for fancy forms to fill in, just cut and paste into an email and send it.  That’s all there is to it, but please NO attachments.
  3. Google and other search engines will have your article indexed almost immediately and will be in their database for millions to see.
  4. You get a linkback to your personal website and email if you wish. Creates more importance points for your website ranking in Google.
  5. BusCardIf you become a regular contributor (5 accepted articles and at least one new one every month), you will get you own channel on our site, your own email address at VegasNewsChannel.com (you can forward it to your normal email address), a personality page about you and the ability to order business cards (at our cost) showing you are a journalist for VegasNewsChannel.com. Media events and Conventions usually require proof of a publication link to allow media credentials and access.
  6. There is no charge to post your articles.
  7. We get requests from companies to post “Paid Spotlights” about their companies and many need a writer to write the stories for them.  We only use (and pay) writers from our regular contributor list – so you can potentially make money from our referrals.
  8. Additionally, our regular contributors get paid a percentage of all ad, sponsorship and Spotlight sales, which are a direct result of their efforts.

If you feel you have written something newsworthy (please-not just sales pitches), have a Las Vegas Show, Restaurant, Business, or Hotel review or just a commentary on something that touches people in Las Vegas, we want to hear from you!
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