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Every business has the same marketing problems when using the Internet to generate business. Very simply, having a Website does not generate business; it only creates the impression that you are IN Business.

Using the Internet to Generate Business requires that you get in front of customers when they are in a buying mood. This is done in several ways, making sure you are found in search engines and being attached to things that people are looking for. Things like managed email advertising and advertising on Websites, which are found easily in search engines and tasteful in the eyes of your customers. is a highly respected Las Vegas News and Information source on the Internet. Stories posted on our site are indexed very quickly (as little as a few minutes) after they are posted and links from Google go directly to the story page on our website.

We offer several ridiculously inexpensive ways to help promote your business using our high profile reputation with Google and other news and media sources as well as our readers.

  • SPOTLIGHTS: The single most effective way to generate interest in your business is to have a story written about you. Much more personal and creates a bond immediately with most consumers if it is written well. On our website, we call these “Spotlights”. It can be about a business, a show, a restaurant, a hotel, or anything else, which needs promoting to get people to visit. It usually includes pictures in addition to text and can also include audio and video to enhance the engagement with customers. We can work with your marketing and public relations firms or can get the whole project done for you. Plus, the best promotional value – it stays on the Internet FOREVER if you want.
  • VIDEO/FLASH/LARGE BUTTON: On every page, we display a static 300×250 image on the top of the column. We can link to your YouTube Video or any other video you have on the Internet as well as Flash videos. This is a VERY effective way to deliver a message and create a call to action for your customers.
  • BANNER/BUTTON ADS: Traditional Banner and Button ads appear on every page and every story on our site. These rotate in a random fashion (even while a story is being read) to assure every advertiser gets equal impressions. It also produces many times more exposure than static images found on most websites. We have 6 Button Spots (125×125) on every page. These rotate every 60 seconds while the reader is engaged.
  • LEAD GENERATION: Whether you are using either of the above methods, we can create a custom landing page where you can tell you story and gather contact information from people interested in your business. You can include text, pictures, audio and video and can also offer free information in exchange for their contact information and we’ll do the fulfillment. All leads are sent immediately to your email box and you also get a login at our special website to get your leads anytime you want.

    If you think your business could benefit by an intelligent Internet marketing plan, please click below and tell us a little bit about you. We’ll have one of our professional marketing consultants get in touch to discuss your goals and objectives and budget. If what we offer can fill the bill, we’ll tell you about it without any pressure to buy anything.

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