Press Releases

We accept and post Las Vegas related Press Releases that come via email from “Authentic sources”. In addition to the company or person themselves, “Authentic sources” include Public Relation firms and other recognized news sources.

All of the content we post gets indexed in search engines very quickly. Press Releases will be found in Google, Bing, Yahoo and many other search engines. Since is a highly reliable source to the search engines, our content gets indexed very quickly. For example, we have had stories in Google within a few minutes. Sometimes it takes up to a few hours to be found, but it gets there. ONLY posts newsworthy press releases involving or related to Las Vegas companies, entertainment and citizens. “Newsworthy” means that something significant has happened, which will change something important to many. Making a sale or picking up a new line in business is not necessarily newsworthy. It is the sole discretion of our editors to approve submissions which meet our guidelines.

Since we receive so many Press Releases via email, we have use the standard Internet format that must be adhered to when submitting. PLEASE make sure your submissions follow these:

  1. The Press Release TITLE must be the SUBJECT line of the email. Click here for sample.
  2. The Press Release CONTENT must be the BODY of the email. You can embed images in the text body (using HTML email). Click here for sample.
  3. DO NOT say things like “For Immediate Release” or “Media Alert”. We all know what it is and if it’s approved, it will posted AS IS on the Internet.
  4. PLEASE – No Email attachments

There are two ways to submit press releases.

  1. If you are NOT a Public Relations firm or you are only going to submit one press release, then you can email your release to
  2. f you ARE a Public Relations firm or are going to be issuing press releases on a regular basis, we can set you up with a private email address to send to.  This will speed up you submissions!

Click here and we’ll send you more details.