More Money than Morals

by Fran Deane

What’s worse than a bad neighbor? A bad neighbor with more money than morals. Sunset Springs Ranch, the former Wayne Newton Property known as Casa de Shenandoah, has repeatedly violated the agreements made with the neighbors. The handshakes are meaningless, the conversations are pointless, the negotiations are forgotten and the letters are unanswered. Living next to bad neighbors demolishes the ideas of home and hearth, safety and security, not to mention, torpedo the property values.

Chris and April Juelke purchased their home over 20 years ago with the idea they would live there forever. It seemed perfect, the rural preservation zoning fit with their style of living. They spent time and money on beautiful landscaping to create an idyllic outdoor setting, enjoying the gorgeous Las Vegas Strip views from their patio. They created a wonderful, cheerful and safe home in which their special needs daughter could thrive and where they could entertain and enjoy themselves. Their home reflected the peace and comfort of their earnings and efforts as well as provided a safe haven for their daughter. They felt blessed to come home and relax; lucky to have the quilt of serenity of their quiet cul de sac.

It all changed the minute Lacy Harbor, CSD, LLC, made a deal regarding the Wayne Newton property, developing plans to convert it into a museum. The Juelke Family thought the restrictions and recommendations made by the Clark County Board of Commissioners would protect their property and would prevent the museum development from changing their lifestyle too much. The restrictions controlled the amount of traffic, the hours of operation, the level of noise as well as restricted the commercialization of the property. The neighbors had assurances from CSD, LLC that cooperation was important to them, and CSD, LLC would work with the homeowners to diminish any negative impact that could occur during development. After the agreements were negotiated with the neighbors and the handshakes were just a memory, CSD,LLC went to work, spending a tremendous amount of money while destroying their neighbor’s peace of mind.

As the development started to take shape, April Juelke began to notice that none of the agreed upon items were coming to fruition. They were asked to “be patient” about the smelly, fly infested trash dump 50 feet away from their front door. They were informed they shouldn’t be concerned when their 5 foot fence was demolished, killing their beloved garden and flowers because it would be restored like it “never happened”. When the cul de sac was graded and paved incorrectly, and their yard flooded leaving behind debris, CSD, LLC blamed the county and didn’t correct the problem. No one will explain how or why the mature pine trees were planted the full length of the property line. During the negotiations, April specifically pointed out, due to the severe allergic reaction their daughter had to pine trees, and Chris’s asthmatic reaction to Night Blooming Jasmine and Honeysuckle, any other tree would be acceptable.

Chris Juelke started to take pictures of their pool and fountain filled with horse manure remnants, the filters thick with sludge; the muster of peacocks that congregated on their back patio, leaving mounds of their calling cards behind; their dog’s mysterious rash and hair loss; and the mess from those pine trees. April wrote endless letters to the foreman, the management and finally to Lacy Harbor himself. None of these problems were addressed or fixed in any way. Their concerns disregarded.

What was heartbreaking, and far more grave, was watching their special needs child become more debilitated and ill. Christy, was born with both mental and physical challenges, (a very rare defect called Hemihypertrophy, a facial deformity), and requires constant care. She has been suffering with sinus infections, migraine headaches and Grand Mal seizures. Trips to the doctors office are common place for the whole family, including the pets because of the conditions Lacy Harbor, and his management and staff have created. Lacy Harbor was specifically informed in writing that Christy’s health condition was fragile at best; yet no response was ever received.

After 2 years of the neighbors putting up all these problems, and the failed attempt for a museum, Lacy Harbor and CSD, LLC. is returning to the County Commission with a new plan. This new plan includes requests for permission to hold events that could last well into the night, provides alcohol service and large groups of people; all which will generate even more toxic smelling garbage. They’ve applied for a Special Use Permit, (UC-0199-14). If granted, it will certainly undermine the Rural Neighborhood Preservation zoning way of life of and replace it with unrestricted commercial events. It could be used for a 36 acre party like the Electric Daisy Carnival. Would you like an EDC style event held in your backyard?

The Special Use Permit is being fought by the residents of Seirra Vista, Equestrian Estates and the Juelke Family because it allows an even more aggressive traffic pattern on Pecos, Sunset and Smoke Tree Lane. It would allow operation of the events until 11 pm and doesn’t restrict noise levels. Not to mention, gives CSD,LLC the ability to completely change the entire neighborhood and further impact the neighbors way of life. Is it any wonder the Juelke’s want to sell their home and move?

Gorgeous 4200 square foot home for sale! Beautiful strip views can be yours, right after you build a look out tower to see over the 10 foot tall security fence! Horse manure in the pool? No problem, we hear it’s great for the skin! Peacock’s on the patio double as an alarm clock; not to mention they’re lovely for the bird watcher in the family! Cleaning up after them is excellent cardio! Ample parking for the employees and vendors that visit the neighborhood event center and your cars too. Only occasional flooding on the street! It’s Las Vegas! It hardly ever rains, so it’s barely a problem. The smell? You can only smell the dumpsters when the wind is blowing from the west! It’s the perfect home for YOU! It can be yours Lacy Harbor for $975,000. You know who to call to get this steal of a deal.

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