Sandy Zimmerman’s Spa Review of Kim Vo, Stylist and Colorist to the stars

Spa Review:

“The Man with the Midas touch with Hair”

By Sandy Zimmerman

There is a difference in coloring hair and the difference is KIM VO. He is similar to an artist with a paint brush, only Kim uses his brush to create a color explosion with vibrant colors on his client’s hair.

The famous Hair Stylist of the Stars, Master Colorist Kim VO spends time between his four salons in Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, Laguna Beach, and San Francisco.

I was thrilled to meet him at the Mirage Resort, in Las Vegas and asked, “What factors are important when you decide which hair color to use?” Kim answered, “The difference between a $35 hair color and a hundred and fifty dollar color is looking at the hues of the skin, the eye color and the flex of the eye to see how light will affect them.

The term Makeover is the perfect way to describe Kim’s coloring style. I think that is why he is different from all of the thousands and thousands of other colorists. Kim feels, “That is one of the reasons, the other reason is I am an approachable person, people can talk to me about what they really want in their hair and their look. I can give it to them without attitude.

I have done Makeovers and Extreme Makeovers for several years now. When I do a Makeover, some people ask for the fantasy color they always wanted, but have a hard time communicating it to their stylist, so when they say, ‘I want a Makeover’, I ask, Do you want a whisper, talk, or shout? Sandy, your Makeover was a shout! I also wanted to match the golden highlights to the flex of your eyes.”

And my hair did change from a whisper of dull reds and dreary yellows to a shout of vivid golden highlights and a glowing toasted pecan color. I realize my red hair was too dark before and now the combination of new colors brings more light to my face. I could hardly believe the effect of hair color in the way a person looks! Kim knows how to capture the perfect blend of colors and he weighs EVERY detail of a person’s face to find the perfect formula.

Kim is very creative and reaches beyond simply coloring a client’s hair, he seeks to individualize his techniques for each person. Kim’s trained eyes notice details which are important in the overall picture. “I keep everything in mind, generally the whisper, talk or shout, with the shouters we know to shout, the whisperers we know to give delicate highlights. We love making people feel great, and understand how to make people look special.”

Voted “Best Blonder in the Business” by Vogue Magazine, Kim modestly said, “It was such an honor, I love color in all different hues and do not just do blonds. I use all hair colors. Hair coloring has to be very special because this is not an assembly line, it has to be unique.”

Tony Auvinet, Kim V Salon’s Creative Director, is one of the finest Styling Master, each cut is specially designed for the individual and each cut is a masterpiece. Kim describes Tony’s techniques, “Tony cuts hair like Edward Scissorhands, flinging the scissors everywhere. Tony makes the most beautiful cuts because he does not cut the hair every time. Very little hair gets cut, but Tony’s precision is amazing.” I wanted an easy hair style and love my exciting “modern” look Tony created.

I compared Kim’s technique to an artist painting on his own canvas with hair because he knows colors so exceptionally well, but he really is an artist on canvas. Kim paints in oils and loves the textures and prime colors. “Even where I put the foil placement in my client’s hair is very artistic and has to do with art.

I took some enrichment classes, but I think you have the touch or you don’t. You have to be lucky to understand the techniques of art and apply them to hair color.

Kim’s schedule runs seven days a week working on 30 clients a day. His celebrity clients include Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Teri Hatcher, Pamela Anderson, Kirsten Dunst, Jenny McCarthy, and Katherine Heigl, just to name a few.

The Kim VO Salon, inside the Mirage Resort, is open from 9 am- 7 pm, 7 days a week. For information, call 791-7474.

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