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“What is the Right Hair Color and Style for you?”

By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Choosing the right hair color and style is very important to your appearance because it could change your looks completely. Lisa Shriver-Brooks, Owner/ Founder and stylist at the Diva Studio, explains, “I look at the person as a whole, from top to bottom- their body shape, how their hair is cut, and how it forms to the head. The color tone must suit their complexion and lifestyle in order to really work. It is an overall experience.”

You have to put yourself in the stylist’s hands. Throughout their 15 years in business the Diva Studio has been on the cutting edge of the beauty field, always seeking the best products for her clients.

I was excited to experience a hair make- over especially with the latest discovery of L’Oreal Professional INOA! One hundred years after hair color was invented, L’Oreal Professionel is the only company with INOA, which means Innovation: No Ammonia. This first-ever ammonia-free haircolor achieves the same performance as a traditional permanent haircolor without any odor. Lisa feels, “INOA has created a revolution in hair colors. We call it the IPOD of hair color. All of the other brands use ammonia but ammonia dries or damages the hair over time. That is why INOA is so important, without bleach, the hair will not be damaged and has a good chance to become stronger. INOA lets hair stylists do even more work on you.

Another advantage of INOA, there is no stain around the scalp in case you are going out for the evening. L’Oreal Professionel INOA uses a different process and the hair stays softer and more natural. They offer a wide shade range which allows stylists to be more creative.

She does not look at a person’s age. Lisa’s objective is to make her clients feel good about their appearance. Lisa has an eye for seeing what would make them look best. “Entertainers want a more creative look, other clients are more conservative. I can handle that too. People are tired of looking the same way all of the time.” She is up to the minute with the latest styles and techniques like the Brazilian straightening look, anti-aging highlights, glossing to add shine while getting rid of white hair, and more. Certain hair styles demand more time and commitment to maintain them.

Hair Make Over

Lisa looked at me, asked several questions, and decided what to do. She chose a warm chestnut brown and red color with blonde highlights. I was happy INOA did not require me to sit under the dryer for the color to set. With my busy schedule and as a travel writer, I asked for a quick and easy hair style, just take the brush, 1-2-3, and I am ready to go.

Finally the moment to see my new look had arrived! My hair feels so soft and actually has a shine. The brilliant colors seemed to wake up my face. The style is a natural “new look”, different from my usual hair style. I love the overall effect!


Celebrity Make-Up Artist extraordinaire, Amy Mae performed wonders choosing the right make-up for me. With a touch of her brush, she seemed to take away lines and imperfections! I loved Amy’s blending of the colors, fresh and renewed.

Her Divine mineral cosmetic line is being used on American Idol, Dancing with the stars, and many other television programs. She does Make-Overs and teaches clients how to use make-up correctly by appointment at the Diva Studio.

Lisa’s Tips for the Summer

“Living in the desert, we need a moisturizer and good sunscreen in our hair care products to keep the hair from fading. Before jumping in a pool, wet your hair first to keep the chlorine off.”


If you have any questions about the Diva Studio, call 933-3482. The Diva Studio is located at 8876 South Eastern Avenue, Suite #104.

For information about L’Oreal Professionnel INOA haircolor, see their website:

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