Imagine Marketing celebrates 10th anniversary

HENDERSON, Nev. – Sitting at his desk – really, his home’s kitchen table – composing marketing materials for his new start-up firm’s two sole clients, D.J. Allen, founder and head visionary of Imagine Marketing, spent his days in 2000 praying for an e-mail.

Ten years later, wishing for an e-mail is a thing of the past. Imagine Marketing, now a well-known and respected staple of the community, receives plenty of those. Having just weathered the toughest economy Southern Nevada has seen in years without laying off a single employee, Imagine Marketing is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month.

Over the past 10 years, Imagine Marketing moved from Allen’s kitchen table to the Henderson Business Resource Center (and is now considered one of the center’s most successful graduates), from the center to a larger office and, needing a larger space once again, moved to its current location above the waterfalls at the entrance to Anthem.

“We made sure to grow slowly and add people strategically, which has been the core of our overall success,” said Brian Rouff, managing partner for the firm.

Today Imagine Marketing supports a staff of 14, and the firm’s day-to-day activities are run by Rouff and creative director Alex Raffi, also a partner with the firm. Allen and new partner Josh Griffin are also involved in much of the firm’s strategic planning and business development efforts.

A 30-year marketing veteran, Rouff took the firm’s helm just in time for the recession to kick in.

“The recession hit the marketing industry especially hard,” he said. “In this environment, small- to medium-sized marketing companies experienced a competitive edge in terms of agility and flexibility. Firms like ours were able to respond to the changing needs of the marketplace much more quickly, essentially staying in business by helping our clients stay in business.”

Rouff also attributed Imagine Marketing’s success and ability to weather the recession to the company’s team members’ ability to come together and do whatever it takes.

Marketing strategies were re-worked to stay in line with clients’ cut budgets and the firm began to provide more in-the-trenches support and do more consultation and grassroots marketing. A number of social media efforts were implemented. The firm began its own online newsroom, The ION (Imagine Online Newsroom). Free marketing workshops were hosted. And the list goes on.

To further expand Imagine Marketing’s abilities and services, the firm brought on partner Josh Griffin (as mentioned above), a well-known lobbyist and president of Griffin Communications Group.

While the recession isn’t over yet, the firm is convinced that the above efforts – which kept the firm in business with all employees intact during a time when almost no local business can claim the same – have made Imagine Marketing better and stronger than ever before.

“While we don’t expect the economy to ever go back to the one we all enjoyed a few years ago, we feel confident our firm is poised to come out on top as a result of the many changes we implemented during this recession,” Rouff said. “We look forward to another 10 years of realistic growth and success.”

Imagine Marketing of Nevada provides strategic business planning, public relations, advertising, video production and government affairs services to more than 35 clients throughout Nevada, Southern California and nationwide.

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